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Manufacturing of
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Manufacturing of
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Electrical Machines JSC celebrated its professional holiday Mechanical Engineer Day
September 25, Electrical Machines JSC celebrated its professional holiday Mechanical Engineer Day. The celebration took place in the community center of Lesogorsk town of Nizhny Novgorod area, the production site of the Company.
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Electrical Machines JSC participated in the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Shatki region
August 22, 2009, Electrical Machines JSC participated in the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Shatki region.
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Welcome to our site!

Nizhny Novgorod industrial company Electrical Machines is the successor of the enterprise Electropromremont, which controlled the whole field of the electrical industry. We inherited the archives with the documentation for the service of transformers from nearly the whole of Russia. So, we are well aware of the condition of transformers at a number of electricity generating plants, metallurgical and engineering plants.

NPK Electrical Machines JSC extends back over more than forty years of history and it occupies the leading position in the market of production, repair, modernization and reconstruction of transformers.

Manufacturing of electric-furnace transformers

The company develops and manufactures electric-furnace transformers frame III-VII for mechanical engineering and metallurgy.

Transformers are made individually for the customer, according to his specifications.

The company manufactures electric-furnace transformers for different types of furnaces:

Arc furnaces

  • ETMPK-3000/10
  • ETTSPK-6300/10
  • ETTSPK-7500/10
  • ETTsP-10000/10
  • more

Ore-smelting furnaces

  • EOTsN-8200/10
  • EOTsNR-14300/10
  • EOTsNK-16000/10
  • ETTsP-10000/10
  • ETTsNVR-31500/10
  • more

Induction furnaces

  • ETTsNKI-12500/10

Electroslag remelting furnaces

  • EODTsNSHM-4000/10

Current-limiting reactor production

NPK Electrical Machines produce reactor equipment:

Dry-type current-limiting reactors type RTOS and RTST

  • RTOS-10-400
  • RTOS-10-1000
  • RTOS-10-2500
  • RTST-10-4000
  • RTST-10-6000

Shunt reactors

  • ISH-009
  • ISH-95

Production of components for transformers

Production capacity of NPK Electric machines JSC allow to make the winding and insulation components for transformers and reactors with voltage class up to 220 kW and the capacity up to 200,000 kVA inclusive.

Repair, modernization, reconstruction

Repairing of transformers of all types and capacities voltage HV to 220 kV inclusive:

  • Electric-furnace oil transformers ETTsP, ETTsNK, EOMP, EOTsN, EODTsNK, ETTsH, ETTsN
  • Power transformers and autotransformers (oil voltage class up to 220 kV) ATDTsTN, AODTsTN, TDTN, TRDNS, TDC, TMN, TM
  • Transformers for electric locomotives and railway electrification ONDTsE, ODTsE, CROs, all models, Skoda (SL), TMZH, TDTNZH
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Russia, Nizhny Novgorod
Proviantskaya Str, 47, 7th floor
[831] 421-26-76 - reception,
[831] 421-22-75 - sales department
e-mail: office-nn@npkem.ru

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